We’ve been on a mission since day one: to provide better water for more people.

Mira Water was established in 2008 In Erbil, Kurdistan Region by Mr.Muslim Barzani. It is one of the fastest growing brands in the drinking water industry in the Kurdistan Region.
Mira is a locally owned company with 100 plus employees. Mira water is currently distributing all over Kurdistan. The product range includes the 5-gallon returnable polycarbonate bottles, 0.5 and 0,3 litter bottles, and 200 ml cups packed in cartons.

Our product samples are regularly delivered to quality control of Kurdistan Regional Government Ministry of Health and Ministry of Industry for their quality analyses and approval.

We are committed to provide our customers with the best, healthiest water product. It is our core business value and main objective to be known as professionals in providing the highest quality water.

icon-about-us MISSION & VISION 

The mission of Mira Water is to provide an environmentally-friendly answer to the global water crisis by implementing our Mira Water product lines around the Kurdistan Region and Iraq.
Our mission is to be the first choice among mineral water companies in the Iraq by partnering with our customers, employees, suppliers, and community. We strive to be a good corporate citizen by being honest, fair, and integral in everything we do.

Our vision is to “Create a healthier tomorrow”.We commits our vision through making our business, society, and environment sustainable.
“At Mira Water Company , we are a team with mutual respect, empathy, and self-motivation. We together strive to create a healthier future for the community and the planet earth.”
Our passion and vision is for a world where clean, safe drinking water is readily available.


“Desire is the key to motivation, but it’s the determination and commitment to an unrelenting pursuit of your goal – a commitment to excellence – that will enable you to attain the success you seek.”

I am honored to be the C.E.O of Mira Water, which believes in gaining an unprecedented edge by gaining Local and international operational expertise across the water value chain, and to be a leading water company in Iraq.
Mira Water has always espoused a mission to make life better and more convenient for our consumers, reaching out through sustained campaigns to reinforce our pure and natural attributes. Our products are all world-class and we offer premium bottled drinking water right at the source of Kurdish mountain with rich Water Resources.
We realize that turning a dream into a reality comes with major challenges but with the right people, capable leadership and realistic vision, I am confident that we will continue to march ahead with innovative strategies and meet our goals in a timely manner.

Our management, and all employees will continue the disciplined approach of living within the company’s means. I remain confident that we will achieve our vision of being the leading Water company and we will aim to generate superior returns for our future investments and better watter quality.

Muslim Barzani
Chief Executive Officer


Contact us at the address or phone number below. Which has been.

location-icon   Baherka Street, Erbil KRI.
mail-icon   info@mirawater.krd
phone-icon   +964 750 752 97 97



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